Reasons Why Good Employees Leave Bad Managers

Reasons Why Good Employees Leave Bad Managers

by adm_edp April 23, 2020

Real Reasons Why Good Employees Leave Bad Managers

It’s pretty amazing how frequently one hears managers keep complaining about their best staff leaving the company. And of course, it is bad as good employees walking out of the company is a loss for business as a whole.

The sad part is that with little attention all of this can be avoided, but more often the managers don’t look into it.  All that is needed is a little bit of the extra work on their part. Regardless of the company, it is it or.

Here we have a list of the worst behaviors that managers do that leads to good employees calling it quits:

  • They tend to overwork employees:

Nothing irritates a good employee more than keeping them overwhelmed all the time. It is very tempting to just get the targets reached, but overworking good employees is surely going to backfire.  With time they start feeling that they are being punished for doing good work. Also making employees overworking continuously is counterproductive. This has been proved in a recent study when an individual works over 50 hours per week, their productivity declines.

Still, in case you want to increase the workload, make sure you increase their status also.  They might be ready to work harder, but they won’t be in a job that suffocates them. Or you can hire the best online payroll service, to decrease the workload a bit and assure timely payments to the employees.

  • Their contributions are not recognized:

A lot of company leaders ignore the power of appreciation and especially to the top performers that are motivated intrinsically. Everyone like their work to be recognized for the hard work they put in and rewarded for it as well. Always asking good workers to work more and never applauding for the achievements of the company, will make them leave. Managers must communicate the employees as it makes them feel good.

  • When they are not cared about:


More than fifty percent of the employees that leave their work is because of the bad equation they have with the boss. Manpower Staffing services that are smart make sure that their managers have knowledge on how to strike a balance between being professional and still human at the core. Bosses that don’t celebrate the achievements of employees don’t have any empathy when the staff is going through hard times in their personal lives and just treating them as robots, push good workers to quit.  Managers need to care in order to bring the turnover rate down.

  • The commitments are not honored:

When bosses make promises and uphold them, they rise in the eyes of employees. This happens because they are able to prove themselves as honorable and reliable for keeping the commitment. But when the managers disregard the commitments they have made, they come across as someone that is disrespectful and uncaring. So if the manager doesn’t honor his own commitment, why would anyone else will?


If a company wants the best employees to stay with them, they need to think closely on how they are treated. Talented employees offer an abundance of opportunities for the company, and that means more business. You need them more than they need you.

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