Qualitites of a good Recruitment Agency

Qualitites of a good Recruitment Agency

by adm_edp April 23, 2020

Top qualities to look for in a good Recruitment Agency

As with time the talent gap has been increasing at an exponential rate, the manpower staffing services are fighting for receiving business and enhancing placements. As a hiring manager, it always seems to hire the one offering lowest prices. Unfortunately, this is not the right way to go about it and here we have for you some of the important criteria’s that must be considered while searching for a good recruitment agency:

  • They have particular expertise in an Industry:


This is easy; you have to select a recruitment company that has been working in the industrial space that you require. The recruiters have a better experience in filtering out good candidates from the best and shall be delivering effective results.

For example, in case you have to recruit software engineers for your company, make sure you hire a company that you find a company that works with a software engineer.


  • They have a huge network:


It is very important that these recruitment companies are in touch with a wide range of people that have the skills and knowledge that the company requires.


  • Their screening process is comprehensive:


This is just basic, but most of the agencies don’t put effort and time for screening the applications. An amazing recruitment company will never forward an application to a client without their surety that the applicant is a perfect fit for the job. This detailed screening will be helping the client with saving money, hassle and time.


  • They provide a work guarantee:


This is very important as well; a good company should be able to offer a guarantee and will return your money in case the work isn’t done must not be overlooked. In case a recruitment agency is not able to go that extra mile or take responsibility for their work, it’s a sign that needs you to be aware.


  • Their retention rate is high:


While choosing a recruitment agency, their statistics over employee retention is crucial. Some of the best companies will do all the important work needed for fulfilling required screening and are extremely confident in the placements they do. The ultimate goal of these companies is retention, so make sure it is for the client as well.


  • They make use of after-placement service:


After the work is completed, a recruiter must be regularly being able to check with their candidate and the client as well. This is for ensuring if the process is going smoothly and learning from the mistakes that might have occurred along the time.


  • Honesty for the work:

There is a number of recruitment agencies that make use of non-ethical ways for completing the task. They might get pushy with the clients or are bad listeners to the candidate. All they think of is making money. A good agency will make sure they are honest to the client and reliable for the manpower outsourcing services they provide.


In case you have been searching for a third party recruitment company, try to ask as much as you can about the criteria. The recruiter that you require must be ready for providing answers for all the questions smoothly.

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