Personality Traits Of A desirable HR Manager

Personality Traits Of A desirable HR Manager

by adm_edp June 05, 2019

5 Personality Traits of a Desirable Human Resource Manager

Human resource is one of the best fields for focused and organized people that are interested in assisting companies for reaching their targets and helping the staff to work at the maximum potential.

All big companies do have an HR department and the startup usually hires a Human resource management company for their work. A personality trait of a person means the combination of qualities and characters that makes them unique. Here we have for you the list of important traits that a Human resource manager must possess.

  • Empathy for all:


One of the toughest jobs that an HR manager has to do is the termination of an employee. But they still should be able to handle the task with complete professionalism and compassion while handling the situation in the best manner possible.


An empathy that an HR manager has is also appreciated by the employees of the company that at times need to share some medical issues when they apply for leave etc. At times the staff member is going through a sensitive issue in the workplace that has to be well taken care of by the manager.


  • Honesty and loyalty:


HR managers depend on their honesty for giving equal opportunity when it comes to recruitments. They have to think about the companies benefit first. Basic principles like being fair to the employees and understanding of their work help them to regulate things in a better manner. Also, the HR manager has access to a huge amount of confidential data and strategies, so it’s important that they are able to keep things confidential and are loyal to the company.


  • Leadership qualities:


Apart from the understanding of human behavior, they must have strong leadership skills. As they help with the recruitment process and recommend people, they are capable of leading the entire department through their example. It is also important that they stick to the code of conduct of the organization and treat employees with respect.

·       Great Communication skills:


When we talk about the human resource, the words make a huge impact on people around. If an HR manager is not able to communicate properly the things that they require from an employee and vice versa, it can go horribly wrong. A good HR manager has a professional language and they use their communication skills effectively for communicating well either management or the employees well.

  • Clash management skills:


It is very difficult to deal with conflicts in the workplace. As if not done correctly, things can get out of hand really fast. A good HR professional will have fast critical thinking skills and will be able to manage the situation.  They are able to collect complete information, recognize the issue, think of possible solutions and then try to negotiate.


It is natural for any company to face disagreements and if the HR manager has good problem-solving skills and capacity to change perspective they will be able to run the office smoothly.

So these were the personality traits of a good human resource manager. These 5 traits are not all-inclusive skills but some of the most sought after by the recruiters.

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