HR Services

HR Services

by adm_edp April 27, 2020

Human resources or HR is the company administration responsible to perform the goals and objectives of the organisation which is possible only through proper recruitment and selection, providing proper orientation and induction, training, skill developments, proper evaluation of employees. Large companies have human resource departments that can consist of hundreds of employees to deal with all the complexities that go into this key business function. However, many smaller companies lack the manpower and resources necessary to properly execute HR in today’s business world. This can place additional stress on owners, leaders, employees and companies. 


 Fortunately, EDP Services provides a solution to the growing complexities and stress involved in human resources by providing outsourcing HR services to whether it is a KPO, BPO, LPO and Call Centres or any IT and NON-IT Company. Whether you are looking for a new and challenging career opportunity or an organization that can provide your company with tailor-made human resource solutions, you can count on them. 


Benefits of Outsourcing: 


  • Cost reduction

  • Hiring flexibility

  • No permanent liability

  • Contract-based hiring

  • Hiring knowledgeable and experienced professionals

  • Improves the quality of the final product

  • No pressure on the HR department of hiring and maintaining skilled professionals.

  • Cost-effective

  • Enhanced quality and productivity


Types of staffing services offered by EDP Services:


  • Temporary Manpower Staffing Service – Temporary staffing helps companies fill in positions made vacant by their absent employees or helps in supplementing the existing staff during times of high workload.


  • Long-term Manpower Staffing / Project Staffing Service – Long-term staffing services involve placing employees in a long-term assignment, where people are required on a project-to-project basis, and where there’s no definite period of time involved.


  • Temporary-to-Permanent Manpower Staffing / Contract-to-Hire Staffing Service – The temp-to-permanent staffing service allows a company to take an employee on a temporary basis for purpose of evaluation and should the employee meet their satisfactory requirements, the company may then take the employee onto their payrolls.

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